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20. Erzsébet str. Székesfehérvár H-8000 Phone No: +3622333110
Tax number: 19826840-1-07 Bank account number: 11736116-20027801


15 years ago a few disabled people established a house in Székesfehérvár to help other disabled people. This house is the Victoria Rehabilitation Centre.

The Victoria Centre is still unique in Hungary in the sense that a non governmental organisation owns it, and we, the people who are in need also take part in its maintenance and operation. We are not only waiting for help, but also do our best to make the lives of our own our families and other disabled peoples better. Also over these years hundreds of people with different movement disorders used and use our health care services in the Centre.

These activities which are important and of public interest are in danger, because our central funding reduced. We need to get alternative funding, or we have to close the Centre.

We would like to survive this difficult period in order to avoid loosing the institution and to be able to continue our work. We have to keep on caring for our 19 residents and the 25 people who use our day care service. We would like to reserve the workplace of our 29 employees and continue providing treatment and physiotherapy to hundreds of people.

In order to ensure our survival we are raising primaril money. We accept financial donations to
the bank account of our association:
bank account number:
IBAN: HU05 1173 6116 2002 7801 0000 0000

Swift-kod:  OTPVHUHB

Personally we accept donations in the office of the association (20. Erzsébet str. Székesfehérvár, H-8000 Hungary) where also vouchers can be taken. When donating, please always indicate that it is "for the Viktória Centre”. 

You can find pictures and information (unfortunately in Hungarian) about the Centre and our Association on our webpage: www.egyesulet-viktoria.hu and you are also welcome to visit us personally if you are interested in our work.

Please help us to help others!

2012 Székesfehérvár

Ms. Klára Horváth
President of Association
Direktor of Viktória Centre

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