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of the activities of the Association of Disabled People
in Fejér County in the last 30 years

Our Association celebrated the 30th anniversary of its establishment in November 2009.

120 of us took part on our inaugural session on 3. November 1979. So many people thought it was important to establish an organisation which can represent the needs and interests of disabled people and within which disabled people can help each other. The high number of people participating on the inaugural session showed that many of the disabled people living in the county recognised: they needed an organisation, within which they can unite to enforce their interests, help each other and also they can take part actively in shaping their future and improving their life quality. The main principle was the motto: „TOGETHER FOR EACH OTHER”. The association started its activity in the spirit of this slogan.

From the beginning one of the most important parts of our work is giving information about the rights of disabled people and about their possibilities in Hungary. We give information on our website, through newsletters, our annually actualised „Good to know” leaflet, other informational publications, and our information services in many different locations. In the beginning our information office in Székesfehérvár was only open once every month, later weekly, and now it’s available on every workday. Every day 10-20 people get to us personally, or on the phone, trough email or mail. Annually an average of 1.5-2 thousand disabled people of the county asks for our help.

During the 30 year we launched other services as well, very much needed by the disabled people and their families, such as: legal and lifestyle advice, aid rental, assistance in starting work or education, and also different medical and social services.

The Viktória Centre stands out from our results. It brought a fundamental change in the lives of the disabled people in the town, the county, and maybe even the country.  

The scholarship for young disabled people who wanted to study was also important.
25 years ago we were the first in the country who started to grant scholarships for these youngsters. During the years we supported more than 100 young members of our association this way. Many of them got their university degree with our help.

Many of us were present on the inaugural session of our Association, but we have been having many thousand members in the past years. During the last 30 years more than
10 thousand people joined our Association, and we have more than 3000 members at the moment. Many people still thinks that it’s important to belong to us. It’s also a good feeling to have about 50 members who are not disabled. As supporting members they help us with their work and also with smaller or larger amounts of money.

Since our establishment we worked a lot to make as many buildings in the county seat and in the county accessible for people with disabilities, as possible. We used to get in touch with investors and we still do to make them consider the needs of disabled people as well when building or renovating buildings, in order to make them accessible for people with wheelchair. We also offered our help and drew their attention on the available tenders for the realisation of such work. This way we achieved that nowadays many public institutions (library, post office, mayor’s office, theatre, medical station, restaurant) are accessible for disabled people. The biggest improvements where achieved in Székesfehérvár. Here also many streets and parts of public transport became barrier free. Today they seek our advice naturally during most of such works. We are also very proud, that beside the Viktória centre two other buildings in Székesfehérvár won the „Barrier free building of the year” title. Székesfehérvár is recommended in a number of tourist guides for disabled tourists.

In Székesfehérvár it was also achieved that a net of institutions was established for disabled children from the early childhood centre to the school. It has a very good quality and is a good example in the whole country. The first technical training institution for disabled people was established here too.

Our Association had a good connection with the local and later with the national press. Through them our initiatives and achievements were recognised by a big audience. This way the image of disabled people could be improved. Disabled people are present in many different areas of life in the county. Now we don’t raise too much attention when we appear in schools, workplaces, bureaus.  We achieved, that severely disabled people also come out from their homes; they study, work, and in many cases are able to live a full life. Our association took a great part in this.

Please contact us if you would like to support disabled people, or you need our help!

Contact information:
20. Erzsébet str. Székesfehérvár H-8000


Phone No: +36-22-333-110, +36-22-316-926


Email: egyesulet@msfmegyesulete.t-online.hu
Website: www.egyesulet-viktoria.hu

Tax number: 19826840-1-07


Bank account:

IBAN: HU05 1173 6116 2002 7801 0000 0000



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